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Data Preparation > Database > NSF > Extract Investigators


Extracts a table containing one row per investigator from an NSF database.


The output table will include the following:

  • awards_in_dataset: This investigator's number of awards.
  • awards_in_awards_as_pi: This investigator's number of awards as the principal investigator.
  • awards_in_awards_as_co_pi: This investigator's number of awards as a co-principal investigator.
  • total_awarded_amount_to_date: The total award amount for this investigator.
  • earliest_award_start_date: The earliest award start date for this investigator.
  • latest_award_expiration_date: The latest award expiration date for this investigator.
  • organizations: The number of distinct organizations with which this investigator is associated.
Usage Hints

Load an NSF file into the tool, then create a database from it using the NSF database loader.

For a quick analysis of a small dataset you may wish to merge together investigator entities with identical names. For a scientifically sound analysis of a larger dataset, you can specify your own merging orders then perform them.

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